Morgan + Josh: Paradise Bridals


I have nothing but words of pure love for these two. Morgan's constantly stunning, and rightly so- she's a makeup artist, traveling all over the country to transform brides into their wildest dreams. Josh is an incredible videographer who is up and running to success. Working with them is such a dream.


One of the things I worked on during this session was just getting my couple so comfortable- with me, my camera, and each other. It's so important during sessions to sit back and talk. We put music on, had them slow dance, had them spin and laugh with each other- it was so fun seeing them just open up and showcase the incredible people they are.

So much thanks to the talented Poppie Events for putting together this gorgeous set-up. She's got a brilliant mind and an amazing way of taking talent and putting it together to create something beautiful. I've linked the list of vendors involved below!

Here are some of my favorite shots.


Dress: Circle Of Love
Venue: The Venue Rigby (Natural Light Studio)
Tie: Sadler Ties
Plates + Decor: Wedding Party Exchange
Floral Design and Organization: Poppie Events
Bride: Morgan Miller
Groom: Josh Miller

Bloom Bridal Session: Rexburg, Idaho

Sometimes, you just gotta get creative and make some magic. I asked around, found a fun couple to work with, and invited a couple of photographer friends to come and shoot with me and soak up all the sun.

Bloomin' bridals (30 of 189).jpg


Tonight, the world showed off and we were surrounded by sunlight and blooms. 
I straight up loved tonight. I invited a couple of photographers to join me, and we went to town capturing this adorable couple. I am so blissed out, I loved every minute of it!


Codie + Jeff: Rexburg, Idaho Engagement Session

These two. We had SUCH a blast driving around Idaho and capturing some sweet love. Codie and I grew up in neighboring towns in the small, agricultural area of California that still has my heart. She reached out to me to shoot her engagements, and I was thrilled! We originally set out to shoot their engagements in Logan, Utah, but due to the weather, they ended up driving up to Rexburg and had a blast with me in my home town!

I loved getting to hear their story. They both lived in Milano, Italy for two years, serving missions for the LDS church. Ironically, I'd also been there myself! I loved being able to talk with them about the amazing food there and just how great Italy itself is. They have so much chemistry together, and I love the way they totally rocked a long distance relationship!

They'll be getting married May 26th, the day after my due date with my little one. Looks like May is going to be full of some pretty great moments!

We hit the backwoods, where one of my favorite spots are! Here are some of my favorites. 

March: Stylized Bridal Session

I have the greatest blessing of living in an area where there are so, so many creative people in the area that I live in. Idaho is full of talent, and we've cultivated a great community. When Poppie Events reached out to me about a stylized session at The Venue, there was no way I could say no!

She had teamed up with tons of vendors, models, and brought in her own flair and artistic charm for floral design and layout. Seriously guys, if you're looking for inspiration or for an event planner, she's your girl. I got to work alongside two other photographers, and we all contributed to posing and styles all our own. Courtney and Koryn are wicked talented, and I loved working with them! 

We had an adorable couple, Allison + Cohen. Allison's known Cohen since eighth grade, and they've been lovebirds ever since. They've been married for a couple of years now, and have such natural chemistry together!

We had an amazing and talented artist- Sunflowers and Stitches. I LOVE her. I've worked with her before, and the amount of time and dedication she puts into these projects is incredible.

The cake, by the way, is so, so stunning. It brings the entire session together. I love it. 

Here are some of my favorites.


Greenhouse Session: Rexburg Idaho Engagements

This session was the combination of all the best worlds. 
Living in Rexburg, the temperature here in January ranges from -15 to 30 degrees. The roads are always scattered with snow and while sessions are always in season, winter sessions can be hard unless you're looking for forests and foot high snow!

That is, unless you're up for an adventure. 
When Chloe reached out to me about shooting her and Dylan's engagements, she was looking for a way to get away from all the slush and just focus on the warmth and adventure of all the love they have.

Adventure, you say?

An idea was born. We started off with a more professional session in a greenhouse, which looks so gorgeous this time of year. Then we explored a taxidermy museum, and then Soda Vine, a spot where these two hit it off before they fell in love. Then I threw them together in a grocery store. An adventure for sure. I loved every second of it. 

Here's some of my favorites. 

Justin + Noelle: Eastern Idaho Winter Engagement Session

Justin and Noelle are adventurers. Telling their story has been one of my favorite moments of the entire year. 

I've actually worked with these guys a couple of times before. They were so cute together and I love Noelle. When she hired me to take their engagements, I was ecstatic. 

One of my favorite things about these guys is that they have such a sense for adventure. Justin's jeep is constantly riding sand dunes, back roading through woods and over rocks. Noelle's always laughing by his side, putting on her playlist. Music, I believe is one of those things that defines part of her personality. She's always going to concerts, exploring incredible places to go, and just taking life completely by the reins. 

We went off roading for their engagements, to these incredible places with gorgeous views. I wanted nothing more than to soak every minute in. 

Here's some of my favorites. 


Noelle + Justin Engagements (419 of 422).jpg
Noelle + Justin Engagements (352 of 422).jpg

Taylor + Ryan: Rexburg Idaho Fall Engagements

Taylor + Ryan have been dating for the past year. He's from the golden town of Phoenix, Arizona, and this beauty claims she's hometownless, but is currently living in Idaho. They're so adorable together. I loved their natural chemistry and the way they couldn't stop grinning or laughing the whole time. They had gotten engaged just the day beforehand. Can't you just see the excitement they have? They get married December 16th! So exciting.

Taylor + Ryan Engagements Rexburg Idaho Lookforthelightphotovideo (4 of 120).jpg


Here are some of my favorites. I love this time of year. The colors are so beautiful!

Taylor + Ryan Engagements Rexburg Idaho Lookforthelightphotovideo (6 of 120).jpg

A Night at the Carnival: Rexburg, Idaho Engagement Session

Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (37 of 148).jpg

Meet Morgan & Cody

I met Morgan a few years ago, when we were back in college. Her and her husband were a videographer team. (And really, really good ones at that!) We met at the East Idaho State Fair, and before we started shooting, I downed an entire Indian Taco and my husband got the Bullseye burger. Guys- it's a burger with a donut for a bun. It's everything you're imagining and more.

Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (18 of 148).jpg
Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (30 of 148).jpg

While I was shooting, I got a chance to really get to love up this awesome couple and get to hang out with them! We got food, did our shoot and rode all the rides.

I asked Morgan to tell me more about their story together, and she sent me some great stories!

Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (87 of 148).jpg


How did you guys meet?

Cody and I met in college during 2015, and he was honestly my saving grace at the time. About a month into the semester, I had hit a really rocky point with some roommates and had about had enough of what was going on around the apartment. So I moved out. Moving into a new apartment meant a new Family Home Evening, (which is like a church group, usually abbreviated as FHE)  and that’s where I met Cody. He became one of my best friends.

Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (106 of 148).jpg

This new FHE group was a super athletic bunch and I’m the most uncoordinated person you would ever meet, so I would often sit to the side and just be the cheerleader of the group. More often than not, he would end up sitting out to be my buddy and chat. I was interested in him that whole semester, but he was kinda dating someone and I was kinda dating someone. The semester ended and I didn’t think I would see him again. He was planning on studying abroad in Mexico the following semester and I was hoping to leave on a church mission soon.

Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (59 of 148).jpg

One thing led to another, he didn’t go to Mexico and I had prayed and received the answer over the summer break to still prepare to serve my mission but be willing to date, and even date seriously (I had about had enough with boys, so it was an answer I wasn’t too thrilled about. I digress). First Sunday of that Fall semester we ran into each other at a friend’s Sunday dinner party and were pretty much inseparable after that. We even had classes together that semester. It took him 5 DATES to kiss me! I never let him live that down.

Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (69 of 148).jpg

How did you know he was the one?

I knew he was the one pretty soon. We just clicked. He fought for me in ways no other guy I had dated did. He was cautious and he made an effort on the little things. I knew he would be it when he was helping me take engagements for some friends of ours (who actually ended up helping Cody propose). I looked over to him and it just made sense. It felt good and like home. I love that we share similar interests. It helps lead us to our goals.

Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (121 of 148).jpg

What's the funniest experience you've ever had together?

Funniest thing ever is probably the most embarrassing thing… when we first got married, I somehow darted up in my sleep and screamed loudly and then fell back to sleep. It was the weirdest thing ever and he was so worried, but we laugh about it to this day.

Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (139 of 148).jpg

What's your favorite trip that you've gone on together?

We got married in the middle of the semester in May 2016 and didn’t end up having the time to go on a honeymoon. Instead of rushing it, we saved out pennies and went to New York City for our anniversary and it was hands down the best thing ever. We went hard and walked like 6 miles a day around the city but it was so worth it.


Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (134 of 148).jpg
Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (57 of 148).jpg
Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (26 of 148).jpg
Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (111 of 148).jpg
Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (13 of 148).jpg
Morgan + Cody Minisession Lookforthelightphotovideo carnival engagements (108 of 148).jpg

Melanie and Connor: Lake Tahoe Summer Wedding

Melanie has always been the cleverest person I've ever known. She showed me the ropes back in our college days, and in high school she was always the one who could dance all night and look great at it. I was so honored when she asked me to shoot her wedding day.

Connor proposed in the way that was absolutely PERFECT for her. He cut a hole into a book, placed a ring inside and proposed the way that every single english major dreams of. It was beautiful and perfect.

Their wedding was amazing, full of laughter and hilarious toasts, weepy daddy daughter dances and poetry to describe their love. They danced the night away. Seriously. Even Connor's 93 year old grandma could beat me in a dance-off, hands down.

They ran off onto their honeymoon, and we met up a week later to shoot their bridals. I loved capturing the pure bliss and calm they felt with each other. I loved seeing him make her laugh. I loved the stories they told and the emotions they conveyed. 

We came to our last few minutes, and I had them just look at each other. I had them kiss and hold and touch each other in a way that just conveyed the emotion of what they had been feeling over the past two weeks. Mel's eyes filled with tears. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips and she just held him so tight.

These are the moments that I hold onto when I shoot these sessions. They matter the most.



Shannen and Jeff's Mountain Engagements

It isn't all that often that your sister gets married.

And it isn't all that often that you freaking LOVE her and her Fiance together.
They're oh-so-cute and oh-so-in-love. So let me just tell you that when I shot these, I kept freaking out. My sister's all grown up, and she's found such a good man to marry.

I took her to my favorite spot IN THE WORLD. And it was the perfect hour, perfect location, perfect couple. And it was so much FUN.

Here's some of my highlights!

Kayli + Skylar's Bridals + Wedding Day

Where do I start with this experience? Because holy cow, it rocked my world. These two are the biggest adventurers I've ever met. Walking into their reception hall felt like walking on a beach, and might I add- during our bridal session, the groom rode bareback on a horse we asked to borrow moments before.

That's how I know they're meant to be. They're constantly laughing, racing, and finding the best places to eat. They have a reverence for each other and for God and for all things beautiful in this world. That makes the experience so much more incredible- best friends. When she gets back, I want her + him to describe the day through their eyes. But until then, here's some of my favorite moments throughout their bridals and throughout their big day.


Sarah's Bridals: Beaver Dick Park Rexburg Idaho Wedding Photography

When one of my best friends told me she was going to elope, I was straight up thrilled for her. She and her husband are some of my favorite people of all time, and seeing them finally be together had me over the moon. She asked me to take her bridals, and boy did I love shooting them. We shot them at Beaver Dick Park- and explored the trees, the river and the sage brush. It made for a fun night, especially bathed in that golden light!

Colby + Hannah: Ogden Engagement Photography

Colby has been a friend from back in the high school days, so when I saw that he had met the love of his life, I was THRILLED to be shooting his wedding in May. We took their engagements in a thunderstorm, and boy was it such a fun experience. These kids are so happily gushy about each other, my heart melts. 

You can see it so strongly in the way they look at each other.

Colby + Hannah Utah Engagements (4 of 94).jpg

Love on the Swings - Rexburg, Idaho Engagement Photography

When I first tried to shoot with these two, it was bitterly cold and crazy. The wind was psycho, it was snowing, and we were losing light fast. We ended up rescheduling and got some golden hour magic.

They get married in 8 days! I loved hearing how he proposed. At a basketball game, he staged an injury. He was surrounded by medical aids, his teammates and his coach. When she rushed to see if he was okay, the medical aid had given his teammates roses, his coach had given him the ring, and he was on one knee!

So pumped for them. Shooting their engagements was pretty incredible, thanks to Rexburg, Idaho and all the great locations we have there! So, the tree farm photos are from the earlier, snowier sessions, and the sunny ones are from last night's session!

Mikelle + Lein's Spring Bridals - Rexburg Idaho Wedding Photography

Holy cow, I can't say enough about how perfect these shots were. First off, this couple is so much fun to hang out with! We were laughing, shooting, and having such a blast. Plus, I love a bride who can throw on their tennis shoes and go for a little bit of a hike. The weather was beautiful, and boy- so were they! 


Here are some of the highlights of the shoot!

KELSEY + TARAN: LDS Sacramento Temple Wedding: August 2016

I loved shooting Kelsey's wedding. Her and her husband were meant for each other. I'm not just saying that, either. I have had the privilege of knowing this girl since we were kids. I watched her go through so many experiences as she got to learn about herself and who she is. I got the opportunity to see this beautiful girl find this amazing man, and see how they truly help each other become the best that they can be. I am so excited to see their future together. I was honored when she asked me to shoot, and I can't believe how beautiful their wedding was.

I wanted everything to be picture perfect. I would stay up nights watching videos, and buying and renting equipment for everything to be absolutely flawless. Then, a couple of days before the wedding, it hit me- I am not trying to shoot a magazine. I am telling this incredible couple's story. It's going to be raw, tender and real. I needed to get out of my own way and let their love tell the story.

So I worked with harsh lighting, and I prayed a lot and was led by the spirit on where to shoot. I could not imagine these being any more beautiful. It was even more beautiful because I was capturing these sweethearts making the most important and wonderful decision of their lives. That brought me so much peace.

Since then, I've bought a new camera and really tried to master the beauty of capturing moments. But Kelsey will always be one of the first stories that I shared. I tried to capture the laughs, the love, and the candid moments that perfect videos just can't grab. I hope you enjoy their story. I so, so enjoyed telling it.

Stay tuned, I've got a few wedding videos coming up that I can't wait to show you!

Haylee + Braxen: Bridals in a Cabin in the Woods

If I was describe yesterday's shoot in three words, they would be: freezing, breathtaking, and beautiful. This couple stood in below freezing weather to take the most beautiful bridals I have ever seen. I had an incredible makeup artist (Morgan Miller) do Haylee's makeup, and Details by Dayla- Floral Design created this incredible bouquet. This stunning lace dress is from Harts Tux & Gown.

Here's their video!


Haylee + Braxten, although freezing and numb, couldn't stop laughing, couldn't stop loving each other. It was my favorite. I had such a blast shooting them. I asked them what their favorite adventure was together, and they said they decided to randomly drive 14 hours to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore, and then drove right back. Just to see it.


What a couple. Love it!

Here's some of my favorites. There's a lot, but there's no shame when they're this beautiful.

These cabins are about 45 minutes from Rexburg, in one of my favorite locations.