I'm Celine Rachelle Reese. I'm from the heat of California and currently reside in a
town in Southeast Idaho, named Rexburg. I recently graduated from Brigham Young University- Idaho with my Bachelors in Video Production, and an emphasis in Visual Media, specifically photography & graphic design. I recently got married to the love of my life, and love the support he gives me as we pursue our dreams together.

Let's talk about why I do this. 

I am fascinated with this world of ours. It's full of color, light & love. I find I have a great desire to capture it. Being with families, with sweethearts, with graduates- they all are in these beautiful, transient times of their lives. They're celebrating moments that pass by so quickly. Capturing the heart, the feelings, the love, the excitement of that is why I love being a photographer.

I also work professionally, doing corporate videography for a company that is growing rapidly. If you're looking for any commercial, promo, or stylized shoot I am happy to do that with you. I love seeing people pursue their passions and dreams, and love taking part of that. 

 Me & my sweet husband, during our latest autumn photoshoot. 

Me & my sweet husband, during our latest autumn photoshoot. 



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