I feel that there are so many talented photographers out there, who see the amount of work, equipment, software, experience and knowledge that comes with doing videography and they get overwhelmed. Videography is such an incredible way to showcase emotion that photography just can’t. However, it can be difficult knowing where to start and what to do.

I’ve been a videographer for the past seven years. After I received my degree in videography, I was able to begin pursuing videography full time, doing corporate work, weddings, engagements, and running a full time photography and videography business. I absolutely love what I do. I love telling powerful stories through videography, and being able to use that as a way to bring in additional income with photography.



This Lighthouse Workshop is for photographers and new videographers who are trying to understand all the incredible aspects about video. Those who love exploring Yellowstone and want to capture it. It’s also for those looking to create lasting friendships, attract their perfect clients and create a community and network of those who want to live in this creative field. If you’re wanting to go into destination videography, film big weddings, work with clients and do interviews, understand how to edit, tell stories, and pose with video- then there’s something here for you! I specifically will be providing help in:
Editing, Color Correction, Posing, Filming, Lighting, Understanding Equipment, creating Stabilization. But I’ll also be talking about marketing, selling your value, pricing, SEO, and oh so much more.


3 Days + 2 Nights in a gorgeous log cabin in a forest, surrounded by other creatives. An adventure of learning but also hanging out in a JACUZZI, dance parties, freshly prepared meals by a cook, motivation and upliftment, Q + A, multiple stylized shoots, a promotional video for your website, and so many great friendships!

This experience will not only be a video immersion, where you can take the time to focus on learning this incredible skill, but it is also a bit of a break from the world, to be surrounded by other creatives in a gorgeous forest and national parks, discussing your passions and learning SO MUCH while being able to relax and hang out.

My Goal

My goal with this workshop is for you to leave with a notebook full of notes that you’ll take home and use with your business. While we discuss videography, I’ll also be talking about selling your value and knowing your worth. We’ll discuss SEO, marketing, and how to be confident about your talent in a world full of other creatives.

If you’re ready to get to the next step in video and offer an entirely complete experience for your clients, then this workshop is for you.

If you want to get away for a few days and learn and use new skills in ways that completely change your experience in video, this is for you.

We are officially launched! Put your information below OR click here to register!

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What's the price and what all does it include?

A ticket to The Lighthouse Workshop in Island Park is $1000 and includes:

+ 2 nights, 3 Days accommodation in a log cabin that sleeps 15

+a class with a social media specialist/influencer who will discuss how to gain a following (worth $400)

+ All meals and snacks provided during the workshop

+ Lectures from Celine Reese + Guest Speaker (worth $600)

+ 2 portfolio building engagement shoots *

+ multiple portfolio building elopement/bridal shoots*

+ a portfolio building interview session*

+ a portfolio building adventurous couples session *

+a portfolio building film-your-own-adventure session *

+ a portfolio building adventurous session through Yellowstone *

+ a 30-60 second promotional video of you for your website (worth $500)

+ professional headshots for your business + social media

+lots of cute goodies, swag bag, lots of fun, networking and a cute getaway (PRICELESS Y’ALL)

(does NOT include travel to/from the workshop)

*Total Value of the 7-9 workshops planned are over $800 due to the amount of models, makeup, props, set up and more.

How many attendees will there be?

I’ll be hosting 10-15 people, in order to have time for you to get a more personal experience.

Can I take photos during the stylized shoots?

YES. Of course! I’d love for you to learn how to shoot both photo + video at the same time, and there’s over 7 shoots of portfolio stuff you can add to your
website as well! You’ll have time during each shoot to practice both, I’ll just be educating specifically on video.

 What’s the nearest airport/where should i fly in?

Salt Lake City International Airport (Salt Lake City, UT) closest/cheapest - 292 miles away from our lodge.
many will be carpooling as well (everyone registered so far is flying in through that airport since they’re from Canada and all over the US!),
so once you join I’ll add you to our facebook group and you can plan travel together!

What if I buy my ticket and am unable to attend?

Unfortunately all payments made are non-refundable. However you may try and sell your ticket to someone else in the event you are unable to attend. We do this because our spots are limited and we value those who choose to invest in our workshop. Please make sure you're able to attend before purchasing a ticket.


How does the deposit payment work?

When you purchase a ticket to The Lighthouse Workshop you pay $200 upfront with a non-refundable deposit, and then three weeks before the event you will be emailed an invoice for the remaining balance. 

Are we actually going to be staying/shooting in Island Park and Yellowstone?

Yes! We are working on getting the permit to shoot in Yellowstone, and we’ll be staying in a cabin in Island park, so that when we drive to early morning sessions,
it’s not too far of a drive!

I have very specific and sensitive food allergies. Can I still come + eat?

Yes! Let me know ahead of time so that I can make specific accommodations for you with the chef that’s making all the meals!

What’s the itinerary for this event?
I’ll be releasing a full itinerary, meal plan + all the details within the next couple of weeks. I’d be happy to email you the plans we are going to be doing, just not in as much of a detailed form!