Brides Guide: How to Plan Your Wedding in 2 Hours or less.


I had the amazing opportunity this week to teach a class alllllll about the thing I’ve been experiencing every single weekend for the past three years: Weddings.

I got to team up with Brooks McFadden and The Avenues to teach a seminar to new brides all about the ups and downs, emotional moments, and big excitement about weddings. Brooks and I spoke for an hour and then had a Q+A.

After this amazing class, I’ve decided that I’m going to be releasing a series of 6 videos, talking to brides all about the ins and outs of finding good venues, picking vendors you love, dealing with family members, staying sane during the hard parts, and of course—- actually enjoying the wedding day!


So, I’m going to offer my biggest tip for your day right now:

Pick three things that you care about (the ring, the dress, the venue, the cake, the photographer… whatever it is) and then put your budget and your heart on those.

And then, let everything else go. If the cake collapses, if the veil tears, if your car has trouble (which, these things totally happen!) it doesn’t matter. You’re with your person. The biggest secret to planning your wedding quickly is to pick the things that are important to you, hire or ask people who you trust to get those things, and then let everything else go.


Other tips I’ll be sharing about:
Pinterest Boards are great at putting ideas in your head to life. Just don’t obsess.
Have a Google Doc with all the addresses and times of your day.
Plan breaks in your day where you can just take in your new spouse.
Plan times to eat.

I’ll share more tips throughout, but if you keep these things in mind, you’ll have an amazing experience!