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Our Adventure in St. George, Zions, and Snow Canyon: Our Little Family Getaway

Tanner walked in Graduation last week, so we decided to have a getaway down somewhere warm. Idaho is gorgeous, but the winters are so cold. So we ran from the snowy weather and came down to Southern Utah. We went swimming, ate lots of Mexican food, ran around with Adelaide and explored Zion’s National Park and Snow Canyon. Our friend, Jodi grabbed some photos of us while we were hiking and exploring.

It’s been the perfect getaway and we’ve loved every minute we’ve spent together!

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Snow Canyon Family Session: The Hendersons

OH MY GOODNESS. I’m literally obsessed with this family. Let me tell you a little bit about how I’ve gotten to know Jodi. (Warning: I’m about to brag.) Jodi and I met while we were traveling Europe together in a study abroad program. We became fast friends and over the past 5 years, we both have married and had kids. Jodi was actually the person who hired me for the third wedding I photographed- HERS. They actually got married in St. George and did a bridal session in Snow Canyon. So when we came together to do family pictures, there was no other place that we could go - SNOW CANYON.

Conner, Jodi and Brogan are so adorable together. They are such an adventurous and relaxed family. I always love hanging out and laughing with them.

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