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Bohemian Beach Bridals at El Matador State Beach

Bohemian beach bridals in Los Angeles at El Matador State Beach. Not only were we able to dive deeper into this couple’s special bond but these shoots are seriously something from a magazine. SO dreamy, and so stunning with the crystal clear ocean behind them.

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Rexburg, Idaho Temple Bridal Session

The Rexburg Idaho Temple is seriously so stunning. These guys were seriously so cute together, and this session was so much fun! We did their bridals the night before they got married, and I’m so glad we did!

The weather was INSANE the day we did these bridals- hail and snow and sun. In true typical Idaho fashion, we ran with it. It was so much fun! These two just ran with it and laughed through every bit of the session!

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Bride's Guide: Advice I Wish I Had For My Wedding Day

Here’s another article I wish I had before I got married- how to not be stressed on your wedding day. I felt like before I got married, I was swarmed with advice, and it was a little bit overwhelming. So this is me, breaking down the simple and crazy things that stressed me out in hopes that your wedding day is as incredible as it’s meant to be.

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