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I get messages constantly from friends and followers who tell me “Oh my gosh, as soon as I lose some weight, I want to do some photos with you!” Or… “I want to do photos but I am so much heavier than I was. I think we’ll just take them next year”. I have a couple of things I want to say about that. And I am saying these things with some REAL experience behind it because the past year I didn’t have the perfect figure. Not even close. But I want to ask you this:

Did your love for each other grow this year?

I think so many of us hide behind the fear of perfect outfits, fake eyelashes and orchestrated moments that we forget that the ONLY purpose of annual family and couple photos is to CELEBRATE your growth. Sometimes that means the growth of a waistline, but it’s ALWAYS a celebration of personal and family growth. You guys are accomplishing goals you’ve dreamed of. You’ve stuck together through thick and thin.

And here’s another thing. NO ONE is thinking “Man, Nancy put on a ton of weight this year.” NOT EVEN CLOSE. They’re thinking, “Wow, she looks so happy with him. Their kids are so cute.” And when you look back at these images, you’re not going to be thinking about the way you felt about yourself. You’re going to be thinking of the stage of life you were in- the moments that you were terrified but were brave. The ones where you chose love over everything.

Celebrate the moments. Hand the phone over to your husband and don’t be afraid to showcase the moment that you’re in. It doesn’t matter if you look perfect. Hire a photographer who knows how to pose your curves and makes you feel good about yourself (HI!) and TAKE THE PHOTOS ANYWAY.

And if you enjoy seeing before and afters + some family memories from last year and this year, HERE YOU GO. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Now go capture some memories of your life.

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The Miles Family Fall Photos: Eagle Park Campgrounds

Megan and Dylan are the sweetest and funniest couple, and have the most adorable baby girl named Dylan. We decided to kick off the fall with a stop at Eagle Mountain Campgrounds in Rexburg Idaho. Not only did we get some fun shots, but we had a good time doing it!

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Mom's Guide: Planning Extended Family Photos in Winter

I know why you’re here. And I know it’s overwhelming.

With the holidays come some tender moments- all the family is in the house. Loved ones come from all over to gather for Christmas and Winter holidays.

With all the traditions, come some special moments. A lot of people call me with tons of questions about having extended family photos.

I’m specifically tailoring this to winter photos, because they tend to be the most stressful- with weather, the cold, and the light getting dark, it can be tricky! Summer sessions are a little different, a little more relaxed.

Here are some of the things they want to know about:

  1. How do you coordinate outfits for 20 people?

  2. How do we get our 80 year old grandparents into photos without them getting too cold or tired?

  3. How do we take pictures with little ones?

  4. Where are the best spots to take pictures?

  5. Should we do indoor sessions or outdoor sessions?

  6. How does pricing work for extended families?

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