Codie + Jeff: Rexburg, Idaho Engagement Session

These two. We had SUCH a blast driving around Idaho and capturing some sweet love. Codie and I grew up in neighboring towns in the small, agricultural area of California that still has my heart. She reached out to me to shoot her engagements, and I was thrilled! We originally set out to shoot their engagements in Logan, Utah, but due to the weather, they ended up driving up to Rexburg and had a blast with me in my home town!

I loved getting to hear their story. They both lived in Milano, Italy for two years, serving missions for the LDS church. Ironically, I'd also been there myself! I loved being able to talk with them about the amazing food there and just how great Italy itself is. They have so much chemistry together, and I love the way they totally rocked a long distance relationship!

They'll be getting married May 26th, the day after my due date with my little one. Looks like May is going to be full of some pretty great moments!

We hit the backwoods, where one of my favorite spots are! Here are some of my favorites. 

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Celine Reese
March: Stylized Bridal Session

I have the greatest blessing of living in an area where there are so, so many creative people in the area that I live in. Idaho is full of talent, and we've cultivated a great community. When Poppie Events reached out to me about a stylized session at The Venue, there was no way I could say no!

She had teamed up with tons of vendors, models, and brought in her own flair and artistic charm for floral design and layout. Seriously guys, if you're looking for inspiration or for an event planner, she's your girl. I got to work alongside two other photographers, and we all contributed to posing and styles all our own. Courtney and Koryn are wicked talented, and I loved working with them! 

We had an adorable couple, Allison + Cohen. Allison's known Cohen since eighth grade, and they've been lovebirds ever since. They've been married for a couple of years now, and have such natural chemistry together!

We had an amazing and talented artist- Sunflowers and Stitches. I LOVE her. I've worked with her before, and the amount of time and dedication she puts into these projects is incredible.

The cake, by the way, is so, so stunning. It brings the entire session together. I love it. 

Here are some of my favorites.

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Celine Reese
Greenhouse Session: Rexburg Idaho Engagements

This session was the combination of all the best worlds. 
Living in Rexburg, the temperature here in January ranges from -15 to 30 degrees. The roads are always scattered with snow and while sessions are always in season, winter sessions can be hard unless you're looking for forests and foot high snow!

That is, unless you're up for an adventure. 
When Chloe reached out to me about shooting her and Dylan's engagements, she was looking for a way to get away from all the slush and just focus on the warmth and adventure of all the love they have.

Adventure, you say?

An idea was born. We started off with a more professional session in a greenhouse, which looks so gorgeous this time of year. Then we explored a taxidermy museum, and then Soda Vine, a spot where these two hit it off before they fell in love. Then I threw them together in a grocery store. An adventure for sure. I loved every second of it. 

Here's some of my favorites. 

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Justin + Noelle: Eastern Idaho Winter Engagement Session

Justin and Noelle are adventurers. Telling their story has been one of my favorite moments of the entire year. 

I've actually worked with these guys a couple of times before. They were so cute together and I love Noelle. When she hired me to take their engagements, I was ecstatic. 

One of my favorite things about these guys is that they have such a sense for adventure. Justin's jeep is constantly riding sand dunes, back roading through woods and over rocks. Noelle's always laughing by his side, putting on her playlist. Music, I believe is one of those things that defines part of her personality. She's always going to concerts, exploring incredible places to go, and just taking life completely by the reins. 

We went off roading for their engagements, to these incredible places with gorgeous views. I wanted nothing more than to soak every minute in. 

Here's some of my favorites. 

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Celine Reese
Palisades Engagement Session

Gah! These two were SO much fun to hang out with. Last week we took to the Palisades. It's one of the most beautiful parts of Idaho. That and the Tetons. The fall colors were so bright and beautiful, and it was so fun being with these two!

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Celine Reese