This Spontaneous Hot Air Balloon Grand Teton National Park Proposal is the thing of dreams.


It is was a crisp summer morning - the 4th of July, to be exact. We all got up at the crack of dawn to drive to the Tetons to see the hot air balloons blow up. These two had been dating for years now, and they were so giddy and excited to be around each other. We wandered from balloon to balloon, looking at the gorgeous sun rise above the mountains. As we were taking pictures,  Tracen got on one knee in front of a balloon, and proposed to Taylor.

Taylor was overwhelmed with emotion, and tears of joy fell down her cheeks. It was such a beautiful moment to capture. Honestly, hot air balloons are probably the most romantic kind of proposal, and it was so much fun being able to witness the sheer joy they experienced during that moment.


In case anyone wants to create this epic moment, I highly recommend reaching out- if you book a wedding with me, your proposal/engagement session is completely free! Proposals are some of my favorite memories to capture and I can’t wait for you to experience YOUR moment as well.