Why You Should Do Destination Bridals: Emily and Anthony's Destination Oregon Pacific and Canon Beach Bridals

Why You Should Do Destination Bridals

The sound of the ocean was rythmic, the smell of sea salt and beach campfires abounded. Sand was deep in my shoes and my hair was tangled from the breeze. After the session, I stood on the coast of Oregon, and watched the sun set behind haystack rock.

For the first time in a while, the creativity and the beauty of the world around me hit me hard, and I left inspired. This is what I feel destination bridals are all about.

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Let me explain - we’ve shot weddings all over the country- Boston, Pennsylvania, Portland, Colorado, California, Washington, etc- but this time was so special. We were flown out specifically to capture just a bridal session.

Why are bridal sessions so significant?

Bridal sessions are sessions that focus on just the two of you. It’s an intimate, delicate, gorgeous time where you two are together, celebrating the promises you’re making to each other. Doing them in a place that means a lot to the both of you (like Emily + Anthony here) or a place you’ve always wanted to go together. I’ve done bridal sessions in national parks all over the country, and it’s a fun, adventurous time that gives you images you’ll treasure forever.


I love doing them because it’s a seperate, small little moment that’s away from the gala and craziness of the wedding day. It’s a bulwark that represents the incredible realtionship you’re in, and it’s magical.

I get so inspired when I go to new locations. The tidal pools, the tall trees, the intricate, winding roads through forests to get to the beaten coasts - these images are so much more than just pictures. They’re a moment of anticipation, surprise and love caught in time.

Let’s talk about Emily + Anthony.
I had the chance to capture their engagements in the summer of 2018. They’re getting married this April, and seriously are so giddy for each other. The love, adventure and excitement they have for each other is so overwhelming. It splashed over me and Tanner as we captured them, running up sand dunes and off roading on the coastline. The sheer joy they held for each other was beautiful and intimate, and I can’t wait for them to tie the knot.

Celine Reese