Why You Should Get A Wedding Videographer.


Throughout the years I’ve been shooting weddings, I’ve found so many people I talk to about what I do with this statement: “Man, my biggest regret from my wedding was that we never hired a videographer.”
So why is that? Why do so many people leave that off their list of priorities for the wedding but then wish they had it? Let’s break it down.

Here’s the biggest question I get:
I’ve already got a photographer, so why would I need video?

This isn’t for you, this is for your kids and their kids

I love looking through my grandparent’s wedding pictures, seeing them dressed up and with their families. Even in my parents day, we only have a few photos to remember everyone in their early nineties galore- but my parents actually hired a videographer back then, and every few years we watch Steve Young (the football player’s) dad officiate the ring ceremony, see my mom and dad smash cake into each others faces, and all my young and hip aunts and uncles dance on the dance floor. We even have footage of everyone giving them advice. They’ve been married for 25 years this week, and it is still something that they treasure watching. It is incredible seeing these two young kids, skinny and unaware of the 5 kids they’re going to have, making promises to each other. Also, I love seeing my moms wedding dress. Poofy sleeves and white lace. Perfection.

You get to watch your day as a guest. It’ll go by so fast.

Your day goes by so quickly. You spend months and months planning this day, and have planned so much. Between loving up your family and friends, drinking and dancing and eating and promising forever to your best friend- it goes by in flashes. Having a videographer allows you to see it through a “guests” eyes- all the details from a gorgeous, appreciative point of view. You can go through each moment that happened throughout the day and take it in.

Why You Should Get a Wedding Videographer Jackson Hole Idaho

Let’s talk audio.

Photography simply can’t capture what your parents said in their speeches. The genuine reaction when your spouse sees you for the first time. Your wedding vows, the advice your officiant says as you hold hands focused on each other. The music and the dancing and just every minute you just could never get back if you didn’t have the audio recorded, playing throughout each moment. There are so many options from highlight reels to full on documentaries of weddings to choose from - so you really don’t have to lose those precious words.

This is a whole new wave of emotion.

The glimmer of excitement, the subtle way you two tease each other, the gorgeous views of the venue you’ve spent months planning. You two snuggled up in your best wear- while images are beautiful, there is nothing more powerful then the motion and EMOTION and feeling played with the power of music.

Why You Should Get a Wedding Videographer Jackson Hole Idaho Island Park Moose Creek Ranch

The Experience with Look For The Light

When I’m shooting weddings with my clients, it is so important to give an incredible experience. We get in early and stay late to make sure we’ve got every shot you’re wanting. We discuss those details months beforehand so that we can make sure that we tell the story that you’re wanting.

Your family + friends are going to want a piece of the magic that you experienced

Whether it’s the sweet moments that you are alone, taking your bridals or the up close view of the groom seeing you as you walk down the aisle- these are moments that your friends and family might not have caught. Having this video allows those who couldn’t make it or those who didn’t see every moment see the magic behind your story.

You’ve planned for so long

You’ve spent months and months (and lots of dollars!) putting this day together. Showcasing the wedding of your dreams is amazing- and then the next day it goes away. The fun part about videography is that it showcases all that work that you put in- and it lasts forever.

why you should get a wedding videographer

See the live reactions on your families’ faces

As you walk down the aisle, you can’t turn around and see your aunt’s face as she tears up at you. You can’t see your mom grasp your dad’s hand as you share your first kiss as husband and wife. You don’t get to see everyone’s reactions- these are just as much of the story as your moments. They make it up.

Easily shareable in ways that photography just can’t

Rather than sharing over a thousand images from your wedding day that your guests can sift through, sharing download codes and email addresses, simply share a link on Youtube or Vimeo of your big day. They can remember and see themselves in the moment without having to spend 30 minutes going through all the images that meant something to you! With a click of a button, your entire family and friends can see your day through such unique ways- that photography just can’t.

So, as you start booking everything to make up your day, take a minute to consider the incredible impact that a videographer can have on your wedding day. It won’t disappoint. I am still booking out spots in 2019 and 2020 and beyond, so if you’d like to chat about photography and videography I’d love to discuss details with you!