What To Expect When You're Doing A Family Session With Me

family session rexburg idaho look for the light photo video dad mom and daughter

First off, thank you so much for the opportunity of letting me capture the incredible stage of life you’re celebrating - the fun and sheer joy of a family is immeasurable. Everyone grows up so fast, that being able to capture these moments for you means the world with me.

Because of that, I thought I’d answer some of my most asked questions.

What should we wear?

The easiest advice I can give you is to pick a color scheme and run with it. It’s so much easier to assemble matching outfits if they’re complimentary - such as navy blue, maroon and white. Those are super complimentary to the locations I have in store. I recommend more of a casual/business casual look so your kids can be kids but you can print them out at Christmas time and they look all nice and clean.

Avoid wearing shirts/clothes with logos and clashing patterns. Just stick with simple patterns and colors and you’re a shoe-in.

I actually have a pinterest board dedicated to outfits and ideas, and you’re welcome to take a look and be inspired!

family session rexburg idaho look for the light photo video family seeing newborn baby for the first time

How do I keep my kids happy + smiling during sessions?

Fruit snacks are your best friend. Having a simple, easy to hide treat that you can give at a moments notice as a reward for a happy child is great. Having them fed and having a reward afterwards is great- but here’s the thing. Let kids be kids. Let them play with each other. Stop stressing about the perfect poses and have tickle fights. Throw them up in the air. Snuggle them close. Capture the real life moments that your family celebrates.

And trust that I, as the photographer, will be their best friend and will be trying to make them laugh with my own bag of tricks.

family session rexburg idaho look for the light photo video  family of five smiling at the camera

How long of a session / which package should I choose?

With younger kids, I recommend the 40 minute session. If you’ve got more than three kids, I recommend my 1.25 hour package so we can focus on getting individuals and different variants of poses. If you want to go to an epic location (like the Tetons or Yellowstone or a really cool forest) then I recommend my 2 hour session so we can drive around and adventure.

What kind of pictures and poses do I get?

With a simple family session, you receive:

2-3 different family shots, both casual and posed, all staring at the camera
Shots of the kids together (varying between posed and casual)
Shots of the kids individually (varying between posed and casual)
Shots of the kids together with mom, and then separately with dad (varying between posed and casual)
Shots of the parents together(varying between posed and casual)

This is a pretty summarized list, but we always accommodate fun and unique circumstances. I can send you galleries with tons of examples of fun and great sessions I’ve done beforehand so you can see more of my work.

family session rexburg idaho look for the light photo video family in winter with christmas trees

What locations can we go to?

Typically, all my sessions take place in Rexburg, Idaho, at a series of different locations. I also do sessions in forests in the area, or in Island park. There are so many incredible locations, and I thought I’d give you a few suggestions:

A Forest.

A Gorgeous River + wooden paths

Sage Brush

The Tetons

Mesa Falls

Egin Lake

The Sand Dunes

A field of green, lush grass and wild flowers

Locations do change depending on the time of year, but May-Late October these are available. In the winter we have lots of Christmas Tree Sessions and other fun spots!

Celine Reese