Confessions of a Wedding Photographer: Cannon and Pacific Beach Oregon Wedding Session

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

Cannon and Pacific Beach Oregon Wedding Session Bride and Groom at Sunset

I thought I’d share some things about me that are a little bit personal.

I’m a wild romantic at heart.

Being in the wedding industry, I root so hard for life. I want you guys to be comfortable, cozy and I’m always rooting for your happy ending. I want you to have the best day of your life on your wedding day, and I’ll do anything to help.

I’m constantly exploring.

As a photographer, locations are everything. I’m constantly driving to crazy locations all over the United States, in search of breath taking locations that make my brides and groom’s stories even more incredible.

Cannon Beach and Pacific Beach Oregon Wedding Session Bride and Groom in Sand

I’m bossy.

As the oldest of 5, I know how to command a crowd. I’m there to gather friends and family for pictures, so that you can relax and let me pose.

I have actual nightmares about my alarm not going off.

I set both mine and my husband’s alarms for early morning sessions and early weddings. My biggest fear in the world is missing a moment, so I create 5 alarms on each phone. Haha.

I am constantly trying to learn.

I spend about 2-3 hours a week trying to learn new skills to improve my client’s experiences. It is so important to me that I never stop learning how to serve my brides more.

Cannon and Pacific Beach Oregon Wedding Session Bride and Groom Pose Touching Foreheads

When I book a wedding, I actually have a legit dance party.

As soon as that contract is signed, I go into my car, turn on my party song and scream the lyrics. (Soooo…. don’t look at my car as I drive away haha) because shooting weddings is my absolute dream career. I love it. I love that I get to support my family, and I love being able to click with brides and just love them up hard. So, it happens.

I literally get a wedding hangover.

Wedding days, I go so hard. I’m up early, capturing getting ready photos and out till late, dancing with you on the dance floor, laughing with you, and snapping away all the crazy images you’re wanting. I work so hard to get candids of your family and friends, while posing and posing and getting detail shots. I put in my entire heart and soul on those days, and the next day I wake up LITERALLY SO DEAD.

Cannon and Pacific Beach Oregon Wedding Session Bride and Groom in the Forest

I have got a lot of funny stories to tell.

Funny things happen with weddings, and I love being able to laugh at all of them.

I’ll miss you.

When we hug before I whisper to you to “go slow” as I go to shoot your exit, I breathe in your day. The lights, the music- but more than anything- you. I’ve captured your engagements, your bridals, your wedding day- I’ve experienced those emotions and highs and lows and joys right along side you. I get emotionally invested when I see your husband tear up when he sees you for the first time, and I love every minute of it. So as we part ways for a final time, I’ll miss you. And I’m so grateful for the journey I’ve been able to capture. And alsooooo let’s get lunch sometime and catch up K? haha.

If you want to see what it’s like to have a wild photographer, let’s book a session and shoot an adventure! Send me an email and we’ll have a blast.

Cannon and Pacific Beach Oregon Wedding Session Groom Spins Bride around on beach
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