Bride's Guide: Advice I Wish I Had For My Wedding Day

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Advice I Wish I Had For My Wedding Day

Here’s another article I wish I had before I got married- how to not be stressed on your wedding day. I felt like before I got married, I was swarmed with advice, and it was a little bit overwhelming. So this is me, breaking down the simple and crazy things that stressed me out in hopes that your wedding day is as incredible as it’s meant to be.

I was married on a breezy, sunny day in California. Granted, it was January 2nd, and 45 degrees, but after living in Idaho for four years, the cold didn’t phase me. I was blissed out, completely on a wedding high after promising forever to my husband.

But, it wasn’t a perfect day. It wasn’t a perfect wedding.
And leading up to it, I had a LOT happen that really stressed me out.

However it was one of the coolest and craziest days of my life, and I loved it!


As a wedding photographer, I want nothing more than to help my brides have the best experience possible.

So, here’s what I’ve got for you:

Surround Yourself ONLY with People Who Cheer You On.

If I could go back, I would tell myself to only focus on positive relationships and not rob myself of the greater joy I could’ve experienced by not having negative experiences with people who weren’t actually rooting for me in my life. Your wedding day is about you and celebrating the people who love you. So go for it!

The Details Don’t Matter

Having perfect details and having the perfect timeline doesn’t matter. Focus on the important things, and let the details fall into place where they’re meant to.


Take Mental Pictures

Yep, just quoted The Office because it’s so true- take moments to breathe in, watch and just take in those incredible moments. Whether it’s the drive back with your new spouse, rocking out to your favorite music (meeee!) or the look on your dad’s face when he sees you for the first time. The tears shed and the moments that would be insignificant except to you.

Hire a Good Photographer

I cannot stress this enough, haha. Get someone who’s insured and experienced. Someone who knows how to get a crowd of family members together for photos and who is focused on serving YOU. Who knows when to sneak you guys away for a quick snack break/portrait session and knows how to flatter your curves. Who’s personable and works tirelessly to tell your story. Why?

A couple of reasons:
- You only get this day once. That’s it. When someone is contracted and devoted to your day, capturing photos of your grandparents together or your first dance is only once. Those photos will be around your house forever. The cake gets eaten, the dress goes in the closet, but your photos are the only thing that you can take with you. So invest in someone who you feel confident about.

-You don’t want to stress about this. Rest assured that if you invest in a good photographer, you don’t need to stress out if they “caught that”- because they already did. They’re going to be help create moments, capturing details you would forget because they’re working hard to capture YOU.

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On that note, get the dang videographer.

While I’m still talking about myself- let’s talk about wedding videography. I’m going to do a lot more discussing on this in another blog, but OH MY GOODNESS. I’ve been told a million times by so many that the biggest regrets bride have is that they didn’t have a video. Videos capture so much that photos can’t- an audio storytelling, breathlessly exchanged vows and hilarious speeches, the candid expressions and epic dance parties and cake smashes that just come so much more to life with video. Get the videographer. They’ll tell a story that’s as original and authentic as you are. You’ll thank me later!

Pick 3 things you ACTUALLY care about.

This was the biggest thing that kept me sane- I picked my dress, ring, and photographer/videographer. When we got a cheaper cake and a church-gym reception, it didn’t matter. Because the things that mattered to me were already done.

Do the “bridal/formal session” the day before.

Your wedding day is going to be STOCK FULL of moments and memories. When I shoot weddings, it is so hard to have the couple break away mid-reception or in a really short time after family photos, surrounded by moms and bridesmaids and rushed before the reception. Bridal sessions (pictures of the bride and groom together, as well as bridal details) are the pictures you’re going to have hung up all over your walls- these are the most important photos of your day. So taking the time to do them the day before does two things; 1) You get to focus on each other and on the promises you’re making to each other. It’s so intimate and personal. 2) We can go to cooler locations and just spend as much times as we want. SO AWESOME.

Don’t stress about your weight + size.

I think there’s this stigma that you have to be perfect looking for your wedding day. First off, your husband is going to love you no matter what. Seriously. And secondly, wedding dresses are the most flattering things ever. That plus a veil, flowers, etc and a photographer that knows how to pose you- your weight should NEVER define your insecurities. You’re amazing just the way you are. Don’t stress.

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Focus on EACH OTHER.

Make time throughout the day just for moments alone, where you actually get to celebrate the happy day TOGETHER as the best friends you are. Whether it’s a quick drive thru before the reception or sneaking off to make-out in a closet to avoid your third cousin- NO JUDGEMENT. Just do it.


Literally my biggest regret ever was not planning a trip. Even if it’s not immediately afterwards (college student, poor newlywed life probs haha) plan an adventure together. It’s going to be incredible.

Focus on the MARRIAGE, not the Wedding Day

You’ve got your entire life ahead of you, so don’t stress the wedding day. Your life is about to be filled with real and incredibly amazing moments, so just remember that your wedding day is just a giant party, and the best time of your life is yet to be.

If you’re wanting to book a photographer + videographer who is dedicated to capturing your day and your unique and timeless story, let’s chat. I’d love to help out.