In Home Session: The Hathaway Family

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I have felt so, so blessed to be able to capture the simple moments in a family’s life.
That’s the secret magic of in-home-sessions: They show the beautiful side of the everyday. From snuggles to reading books to going for walks, these moments are emphasized. For me, this trumps the photos where families are in a field of flowers or in front of a forest in their sunday best- instead they’re focusing on showcasing the moments that pass by so quickly, the moments that matter most.

I was so honored to spend time with these guys. I feel like there was so much genuine love for each other and for their son. He’s a couple weeks older than my own daughter, so this was so special to me.

How did you guys meet?

At an ice cream shop. There was an instant connection and spark and I'll forever be grateful that we talked that day. 

What is your favorite thing about your husband?

It's hard to pick just one. I suppose, his wit and ability to always make me laugh. 

Tell us some details about your family!

We've been married almost six years and have lived in that many places all over the country. It's been a huge adventure and each place holds dear memories. We'll enjoy living in a few new places before we settle down somewhere. Adopting our adult husky was one of our best decisions ever, he is a sweet fur ball and we're so glad that we ended up with him. Our baby boy is a miracle after heartache and has brought us even closer. We can't get enough of our little guy and love watching him grow!

What's your favorite part of being a momma?

Having my own little one to spend my days with and love with all my heart.

What is your favorite thing to do with your family?

We love snuggling on our bed together, finding new favorite places, and going on walks, always while talking and laughing.

What's important to you about finding a photographer?

I want beautiful lifestyle photos that authentically show our life and relationships. Celine was absolutely amazing! She is genuinely easy to chat with and feel comfortable around and goes above and beyond to make sure she captures what you're envisioning. I love how perfectly she reached the heart and depth of my little family in such a short and imperfect time. (A baby and a dog can make it so tricky!) I love her dreamy light-filled style. She truly created how I feel when I'm with them. These photos and the video mean so much to me!

Celine Reese