Boho + Whimsical Wedding Details in this Rexburg, Idaho Winter Wedding


Heidi and Tyler are incredible souls. I’ve never met a couple just so giddy to be around each other. I am so, so happy they celebrated their wedding at The Atrium. I've always wanted to shoot there, and seeing Heidi's incredible vision come to life was amazing.

Highlights of the day included the bride's sweet father HAND MAKING all of the bread, hot chocolate galore, lots and lots of adorable flower girls and sweet little boys in bow ties, soup on soup on soup, and Heidi and Tyler never leaving each other's side. They were giddy, so full of joy, and I had seriously so much fun. It was such a perfect day. 


I feel like sometimes there is this pressure to have to go to some insane destination in order to achieve a gorgeous experience. What is so great about this wedding was that it took place right in Rexburg, Idaho. Heidi’s dress and Tyler’s suit were divine, and they found so many beautiful pieces locally in town, and I didn’t have to travel far to capture such an incredible day.


I also asked Heidi tons of questions about her and Tyler, and she shared them with me, so now I have to share them with you!

How did you guys meet? Tyler and I met at church and quickly became good friends. However, we both dated several other people and were friends for over 2 years before we realized we had fallen in love.


What is the best thing about Tyler? Tyler is patient, kind, smart, funny, and romantic. He is selfless and always thinking of others. He bought me a pet beta fish once to remind me of the ocean. Another time he made a jar of a 100 reasons he loves me.

What's your favorite thing about your relationship? I truly am dating my best friend.


What's your favorite thing about being engaged? Quite simply, spending time with Tyler is the best part of being engaged.

What's the craziest thing about being engaged? We have had some big decisions to make about our future.


Do you have any tips for brides who are planning their weddings? You've already made the most important decision--who you are marrying! Everything else--the colors, flowers, and dress--is just icing on the cake! (This is some advice borrowed from Tyler.)

What's your favorite adventure you've been on with Tyler? My favorite adventure with Tyler was paddle boarding to lake geyser in the middle of Yellowstone Lake. An hour of leisurely paddle boarding unexpectedly turned into a 4-mile adventure with waterfalls and geysers. Sometimes the best adventures are unplanned!


Details of the Day:
Make Up: Kellie Stolworthy
Hair: Lizzie Blatter
Venue: The Atrium