Bride's Guide: Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera - 10 Best (non-cheesy) poses for Engagement Sessions


Over the years that I've shot engagements, some of the first things my bride tells me is, "We are so awkward in front of a camera." They spend hours picking out outfits, thinking about locations, finding the perfect photographer, and the anxiety can be real. 

Let me take some of that pressure off ya. One of the great things about this is that I'll be writing a series of posts, talking about ways to coordinate outfits, get comfortable in front of the camera, and stop focusing on the stress of the wedding. I'll be writing some "Bride's Guides" just for you.


I'll take care of the location, making sure it's helping capture the exact look and feel you're looking for, whether it's out in the country, or forest bridals, I've got you. But for now, let's focus on one of the biggest fears out there-- posing.

What's great about this guide is that it doesn't just apply to the session I'm shooting with you, it also applies to when you're taking photos for the rest of your life- whether it's an iPhone candid or for your maternity photos down the road, here are some simple tips for you.

These two are stinking cute, and I had so much fun posing them. I loved their session so much. I thought they'd be such a great example of what worked so well for posing. 





1. Face Each Other. 

I always tell my couples to face each other, and then put their foreheads together. When you're in front of the camera, you have to be a little bit closer together than you usually are. I'll usually have you nuzzle noses, make each other laugh, or just close eyes and breathe each other in.



Extra Tip:
I always put music on during my sessions. You can always put music on to make each other feel more comfortable.

2.  Sit Down Next To Each Other

I think it's so fun to get creative - you don't have to stand awkwardly next to each other! You can sit next to each other, throw your legs close together, and make sure you're holding hands and loving on each other. 



3. Kisses on foreheads, kisses on cheeks.


One of the prompts I say is for the man to pick five places on her cute face to kiss. One of these has to be a raspberry. It always gets them laughing, but it also gives them a moment to be more sensitive as well. 


4. Stand next to each other, and hold hands.

This is probably my most "posed" poses. I have them look at me for a couple of more formal ones, but then I also have them look at each other, bump hips, make each other laugh. 


5. Put your hands on each other's faces, and touch foreheads.

This makes the picture feel so much more intimate. Make the kiss and forehead touch look so much more deliberate and beautiful.


6. Put your arms around each other.

I try to have the guy throw his arms around her. I usually have him whisper funny things in her ear, and I shoot from different perspectives. This one with them sideways is my favorite.


7. The Old-Fashioned Dip and Kiss.

I love having my couples lean back into each other and touch foreheads. So romantic. 


8. Show off the ring.

This is a great way to show off that bling in a candid way. Have the girl (with the ring hand facing camera) put her hand up to her man's face, and touch foreheads. They can move into a kiss, or even a forehead kiss, or a big hug after. 


9. Lean in. 

I love using trees, bridges, cars, etc as living, breathing props to play with. Leaning against trees, or swaying against bridges feels so romantic.


10. Sitting- Bumping knees, holding hands.

It's so important to feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera. Focusing on each other and finding small ways to touch and feel connected is so important.


Here's some more of my favorite poses from the gallery!