Justin + Noelle: Eastern Idaho Winter Engagement Session

Justin and Noelle are adventurers. Telling their story has been one of my favorite moments of the entire year. 

I've actually worked with these guys a couple of times before. They were so cute together and I love Noelle. When she hired me to take their engagements, I was ecstatic. 

One of my favorite things about these guys is that they have such a sense for adventure. Justin's jeep is constantly riding sand dunes, back roading through woods and over rocks. Noelle's always laughing by his side, putting on her playlist. Music, I believe is one of those things that defines part of her personality. She's always going to concerts, exploring incredible places to go, and just taking life completely by the reins. 

We went off roading for their engagements, to these incredible places with gorgeous views. I wanted nothing more than to soak every minute in. 

Here's some of my favorites. 


Noelle + Justin Engagements (419 of 422).jpg
Noelle + Justin Engagements (352 of 422).jpg
Celine Reese