Melanie and Connor: Lake Tahoe Summer Wedding

Melanie has always been the cleverest person I've ever known. She showed me the ropes back in our college days, and in high school she was always the one who could dance all night and look great at it. I was so honored when she asked me to shoot her wedding day.

Connor proposed in the way that was absolutely PERFECT for her. He cut a hole into a book, placed a ring inside and proposed the way that every single english major dreams of. It was beautiful and perfect.

Their wedding was amazing, full of laughter and hilarious toasts, weepy daddy daughter dances and poetry to describe their love. They danced the night away. Seriously. Even Connor's 93 year old grandma could beat me in a dance-off, hands down.

They ran off onto their honeymoon, and we met up a week later to shoot their bridals. I loved capturing the pure bliss and calm they felt with each other. I loved seeing him make her laugh. I loved the stories they told and the emotions they conveyed. 

We came to our last few minutes, and I had them just look at each other. I had them kiss and hold and touch each other in a way that just conveyed the emotion of what they had been feeling over the past two weeks. Mel's eyes filled with tears. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips and she just held him so tight.

These are the moments that I hold onto when I shoot these sessions. They matter the most.



Celine Reese