Love on the Swings - Rexburg, Idaho Engagement Photography

When I first tried to shoot with these two, it was bitterly cold and crazy. The wind was psycho, it was snowing, and we were losing light fast. We ended up rescheduling and got some golden hour magic.

They get married in 8 days! I loved hearing how he proposed. At a basketball game, he staged an injury. He was surrounded by medical aids, his teammates and his coach. When she rushed to see if he was okay, the medical aid had given his teammates roses, his coach had given him the ring, and he was on one knee!

So pumped for them. Shooting their engagements was pretty incredible, thanks to Rexburg, Idaho and all the great locations we have there! So, the tree farm photos are from the earlier, snowier sessions, and the sunny ones are from last night's session!

Celine Reese