Haylee + Braxen: Bridals in a Cabin in the Woods

If I was describe yesterday's shoot in three words, they would be: freezing, breathtaking, and beautiful. This couple stood in below freezing weather to take the most beautiful bridals I have ever seen. I had an incredible makeup artist (Morgan Miller) do Haylee's makeup, and Details by Dayla- Floral Design created this incredible bouquet. This stunning lace dress is from Harts Tux & Gown.

Here's their video!


Haylee + Braxten, although freezing and numb, couldn't stop laughing, couldn't stop loving each other. It was my favorite. I had such a blast shooting them. I asked them what their favorite adventure was together, and they said they decided to randomly drive 14 hours to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore, and then drove right back. Just to see it.


What a couple. Love it!

Here's some of my favorites. There's a lot, but there's no shame when they're this beautiful.

These cabins are about 45 minutes from Rexburg, in one of my favorite locations.

Celine Reese