Snowy Forest Couples Session: Korah + David

Korah has been my best friend for years. We talked everyday when I was in Europe, and when she went to China for six months with her husband, we still kept a connection. We graduated from college together, and she's been there for me whether it be giving me her apartment to buy when I first got married, telling me that the world isn't ending when I freak out, and teaching me how to be patient. 

She's awesome. She's a 3am friend for sure.

One of the best parts about our friendship is the creativity that we share. She and I both love photography. (Check her out! Minimal Darling!) We share a similar style. She's someone I can just hand the camera to and trust that she's going to shoot exactly what I like.

Our memories started off with McMidnights and drives and talking about boys. Now we've grown up a bit, and this girl and her husband are moving to San Diego for him to pursue a career. 

My heart's breaking, it's fine. 
But, I still have a few weeks with her and we're pretending like it's not happening.
So, we're doing photoshoots, and this time I get to do hers. 

Korah & David met on Tinder, and it was love at first swipe. When I heard they were getting engaged I was freaking out. But then I met him, and his sense of humor and complete devotion to her won me over. I drove to San Diego to be their bridesmaid, and seeing them married just made my heart feel warm. 

Here's some of my favorite shots from our winter shoot!
It's located in one of my secret locations I use for special occasions only. ;)
We almost got stuck in the snow, and it was FREEZING.

But the forest looks so perfect, I believe it was well worth it.