Park City Snowy Engagement Session: Victoria + Tyler

Victoria has been one of my adopted big sisters since I first moved to California. I remember nights in college when I didn't know anything anymore, and she bought me a frosty and reminded me that yes, Celine, life does not revolve around boys and perfect grades. Haha.

When she told me she had gotten engaged, and that she needed pictures done, I was honored!

Fun facts:
Victoria is 5' 2", and her fiance is 6' 5". YES.
We definitely took breaks in the car to stay warm.
We might have taken some photos in a parking lot. And the beauty of it is that you can't tell.

(Example A)

They get married in March, and she's got an edwardian dress. Which is just plain amazing.

Victoria! I can't wait to see you married to this sweet, hilarious man. You guys are meant to be, and I am excited to see all your adventures together!

Here are some of the highlights!



Celine Reese