Rexburg Idaho Engagements: Sage Brush Sessions with Morgan + Joshua

I met Morgan through Instagram- she is a ridiculously talented makeup artist. We've collaborated on some shoots, and we got to talking about Christmas photos, and how we needed to help each other out! Haha. It's cool how Instagram can be such a great networking tool to make friends and create art. I love it. I'm actually planning a lifestyle session with them in the next week or so- so you'll have to watch out for that. Their house is absolutely adorable.

I was a little nervous shooting them this morning, due to the fact that we were shooting in broad daylight, and where we were shooting there was no shade! Some prayers were for sure said. Haha. But as soon as we got to our location, we managed to find a shady patch and really make it work.

I just got my new camera, and it does beautiful, beautiful things. I had to share them with you. 
Here's some of my favorite shots from today! Enjoy!

xoxo Celine