Let's tell your love story.

I love the tears your father wipes away when he sees you in the dress, the cheesy grin your husband can't seem to shake when he looks at you. I will capture the way your mother squeezes your hand before you become a Mrs., and the way you try not to step on each other's toes when you have your first dance.


You're at the beginning of building your life around your person.
Your wedding day is the first moment, the first memories you're going to make. 

That's why I love capturing it. 


 Let's tell your story. The real one, the beautiful one.

Where you'll pull out your photo-album, and your kids will look at you two, and the way you looked at each other, and say "Wow, even then, you looked at each other like that?"



I've got packages for budgets of all shapes and sizes, because weddings can be hard to plan and build around, but you deserve to have incredible moments of your day, in the highest quality. When you invest in a video, or a high quality package, I typically love to give you a little extra. I love talking with brides, building a relationship and really knowing how I'm gonna capture your story the best.