This is a documentary about how addictions can be overcome through grace, family, and love. Love is real. This documentary teaches fighters to overcome their addictions. However, there is also a very important part that goes out to supporters. These supports play a huge role in helping out in addiction recovery.

I shot this in Paris this past October, I am so excited to show you the mystery, magic, and raw beauty I saw in France.

This is just a single shot of Paris. (The rest will come next.) This was just a culminating, powerful moment of my life. I wanted to share it. Surrounded by so many languages, the world below me and rising up to the top, I realized that this was everything I had ever wanted.

After Ireland, we embarked through England. We toured the countryside and small, brick towns of the country and learned about the struggles and victories of those living in the 1800s. Then, we went to London and saw Wicked. We had a full day of just exploring and running around after that.

I thought I'd show a bit of my California, a little bit of my siblings, a little bit of the world that's in my mind. Here's to the first taste of spring, carefree days, siblings, and adventures.

We were stuck inside, bored out of our brains, and were mad at homework, boys and all that fun stuff. What else would you do when it's -15 degrees out and you've had enough? Grab your crazy roommates and SMASH snow.

I wrote this song a couple of Sundays ago, and Shannen (the gorgeous girl in purple) wrote the music to it. It was a blast to work and actually do something powerful with music! I hope you like it!

snow + lights at midnight my adventure in this new, white world. shot in fifteen minutes, edited in seventy (that's new.. haha) my first experience in this sweater weather RIP California

This is a video I filmed and edited this week with Levi Jensen. It's for a ridiculously talented band that I love. We had some challenges and late nights with editing, but it was blast to film and we learned so much!!

This short film was written, filmed, edited and produced (and won an award) in under 48 hours for the BYU Idaho's 48 hour Film Festival. Produced by the Soapbox Video Team, we give this to you: The Dark Knight Before Christmas A little Christmas spin on a dark tale.

My favorite thing to film is a snapshot of a moment. I love capturing it, creating it, and making those who watch the clips I make really feel what I was feeling in the moment. I was a bit bittersweet.

I've been experimenting a lot with typography. I whipped out my camera a cold october day and shot some stock footage. I thought I'd show a sample of what I've been working on conceptually- positive messages with simple music and cinematography.