Wild + Intimate Jackson Hole Destination Wedding: Lauren + Makysm

Picture what a fun, crazy adventure that would be. Tie in some hand painted invitations, stunning Teton views, a gorgeous catholic ceremony, and a hundred of your best friends and family flying in to celebrate. Imagine renting out a bunch of cabins at your venue, wood stained and surrounded by rolling hills of green. Bring in the best catering, a live band playing during cocktail hour, and an open bar. Que your father’s barbershop quartet, serenading the two of you TWICE and singing to you for all to hear. Imagine a choreographed first dance, with you laughing and embracing each other throughout the night. Think midnight snacks and sweet kisses and blue bridesmaid dresses.

Now bring it to life. Because that’s what they did when they planned this wedding.

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Advice to Photographers: Why I Started Photography When I Thought I Was Going To Fail

A lot of people share their WHYS. Why they get started in their business. I thought I would share my WHY NOTS. I had so many reasons why I shouldn't do this.

I started pursuing video in college back when it was just a broadcast degree. I was one of the only females in my class, and when I told my teachers lifestyle stories and wedding videos and get paid for it they would politely knod their heads and move on.

After I graduated from college, my parents told me that it would be a smart idea if I got my master's degree and began teaching, because that was a much more reliable job than something that I was looking for.

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Heidi + Tyler: Wedding Day

Heidi and Tyler are incredible souls. I’ve never met a couple just so giddy to be around each other. I am so, so happy they celebrated their wedding at The Atrium. I've always wanted to shoot there, and seeing Heidi's incredible vision come to life was amazing.

Highlights of the day included the bride's sweet father HAND MAKING all of the bread, hot chocolate galore, lots and lots of adorable flower girls and sweet little boys in bow ties, soup on soup on soup, and Heidi and Tyler never leaving each other's side. They were giddy, so full of joy, and I had seriously so much fun. It was such a perfect day. 

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The Buys Family: A Family Session in Rexburg Idaho

So, let me state that Anna’s family is actually perfect in real life, so this is a great example of perfect family photos.

Anna is not only a great friend of mine, but a talented photographer who shot my birth and maternity photos as well. I was honored to capture her family’s session!

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Celine Reese
Mom's Guide: Planning Extended Family Photos in Winter

I know why you’re here. And I know it’s overwhelming.

With the holidays come some tender moments- all the family is in the house. Loved ones come from all over to gather for Christmas and Winter holidays.

With all the traditions, come some special moments. A lot of people call me with tons of questions about having extended family photos.

I’m specifically tailoring this to winter photos, because they tend to be the most stressful- with weather, the cold, and the light getting dark, it can be tricky! Summer sessions are a little different, a little more relaxed.

Here are some of the things they want to know about:

  1. How do you coordinate outfits for 20 people?

  2. How do we get our 80 year old grandparents into photos without them getting too cold or tired?

  3. How do we take pictures with little ones?

  4. Where are the best spots to take pictures?

  5. Should we do indoor sessions or outdoor sessions?

  6. How does pricing work for extended families?

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Brides Guide: How to Plan Your Wedding in 2 Hours or less.

I had the amazing opportunity this week to teach a class alllllll about the thing I’ve been experiencing every single weekend for the past three years: Weddings.

I got to team up with Brooks McFadden and The Avenues to teach a seminar to new brides all about the ups and downs, emotional moments, and big excitement about weddings. Brooks and I spoke for an hour and then had a Q+A.

After this amazing class, I’ve decided that I’m going to be releasing a series of 6 videos, talking to brides all about the ins and outs of finding good venues, picking vendors you love, dealing with family members, staying sane during the hard parts, and of course—- actually enjoying the wedding day!

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Chloe + Taylor: Rexburg Couples Session

I’ve known Taylor and Chloe for quite sometime. When they wanted to book me for a session, I was ecstatic. These two kids are crazy about each other. Daisy, their puppy is the sweetest little thing.

We headed out to our location, and on the way we came across these gorgeous fields. I love this time of year in Rexburg. Spring and summer are some of my favorite times to do engagement sessions, because the weather is so perfect, and the sun stays out late. There’s lots of time for us to play and just enjoy the moment.

Sometimes, when you’ve been married a while, you have tons of advice! So if you’re engaged and want to hear yet another piece of advice, here goes:

”Our biggest thing is to always always speaking highly of each other to other people. We never call our parents to complain about each other or get other people involved if we have an argument. That has made it so we have really good trust and it makes it easier for us to make up and move on from arguments when we haven’t made a big deal about it to other people.”

I totally love this advice from Chloe. It’s so true. Every marriage has moments where individuals get frustrated with each other. Talking through it as a couple is so important.

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Celine Reese
Bride's Guide: Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera - 10 Best (non-cheesy) poses for Engagement Sessions

I'll take care of the location, making sure it's helping capture the exact look and feel you're looking for, whether it's out in the country, or forest bridals, I've got you. But for now, let's focus on one of the biggest fears out there-- posing.

What's great about this guide is that it doesn't just apply to the session I'm shooting with you, it also applies to when you're taking photos for the rest of your life- whether it's an iPhone candid or for your maternity photos down the road, here are some simple tips for you.

These two are stinking cute, and I had so much fun posing them. I loved their session so much. I thought they'd be such a great example of what worked so well for posing. 

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Morgan + Josh: Paradise Bridals

I have nothing but words of pure love for these two. Morgan's constantly stunning, and rightly so- she's a makeup artist, traveling all over the country to transform brides into their wildest dreams. Josh is an incredible videographer who is up and running to success. Working with them is such a dream.

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Celine Reese